Dignity Kids Inc vows to launch Wishing For Mommy Breast Cancer Awareness Act

Dignity Kids is about to launch a fundraiser campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s called Wishing For Mommy. We are going to be selling pink belts in our 11 martial arts schools across the phoenix valley. It all started last year in our Paradise Valley School, where one of our students thought it would be a great idea to die white belts pink, and sell those for donation to Susan G. Komen. The students atPV loved the idea and thus the trend started. Our school owner Sr. Master Landgren-Lee adored the young students ambition and wanted to launch his idea further. Her thoughts were that their individual schoolwas capable of making a tremendous difference for a woman who was battling breast cancer right here in Phoenix. With that in mind, the idea progressed to selling pink belts in every school in the valley. If Dignity Kids Inc. could raise enough money they could give women a grant somewhere along the lines of $500.00 and it would go directly to their aid.


Think about the joy one could bring with just the simple aid of money. Some of these mothers fighting breast cancer cannot afford to pay their bills. They cannot afford to feed their families, or even give their kids new clothes for school. It becomes a pretty tough battle for everyone in the family. We want to give each of our schools an opportunity to help a family out there battling breast cancer. If we all work together on this project we can help 1 family per school (11 women).


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